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When should you not eat sushi?

Try to avoid eating sushi on Sundays since Japanese restaurants do not typically get fresh fish delivered (and sometimes not even on Saturdays). Quality sushi restaurants are also usually closed on Mondays.Jul 9, 2012The 12 Sushi Commandments - Food Republic

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  • Seasonality There are a huge number of different fish and shellfish species found in the waters off the North Sea coast, find out how they are caught by our fishermen, discover a quirky fact and how to cook them.

    The Creel Fish Club is a fish box scheme where you can access quality, fresh, locally sourced, seasonal fish and seafood on a regular basis.  Discover new types of fish and seafood and help support our inshore fishing fleet.

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  • About the Club With such a variety of fresh fish and shellfish that can be found in the waters off the North Sea coast, there can be a variations in the species which can be caught at certain times of the year, checkout our seasonality chart.

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    Salmon Sashimi With Rice Calories